Support for 9 Point Demands of the General Students

ISCA Demands Effective Transport Policy And Adequate Mobile Courts on the Road

Today is Thursday on August 2018 at 3pm, from a protesting rally on the streets of the National Press Club, Islami Shasantantra Chhatra Andolan (ISCA) a leading student political party of Bangladesh has declared it’s full support and harmony with ongoing road safety movement. They urged to the government ensuring road safety by accepting 9 point demands of the students.

The central president of the organization and Dhaka University’s meritorious student Sheikh Fazlul Karim Maruf said that, people are being killed by fierce driving on the streets and the minister laughs on it. It is possible in an inefficient country like Bangladesh. Five decades had gone that we got our independence, but unfortunately we did not get even the assurance of normal death environment.

He said, the government could not bring workers and drivers as well as transport owners rules and regulations. Because of incompetence of the government and the of unlimited corruption of the police administration, general public and the students are paying high cost by giving their lives on the roads. Instead of controlling owners, workers and drivers, the government takes political benefits with them. The minister, MP, high officials and police do not care traffic rules and regulations of the road. Minister, MPs by the AC vehicle move on VIP road with VIP status. People pay taxes on their cars wheel. But they forgot about the public sufferings due to the use of VIP protocol facilities.

So, The Republic’s staff and employees can laugh at the death of the Republic’s owner. Since they have failed to perform their responsibilities and forgot their duties to the public, they no longer need this protocol.

The central vice-president Sheikh Muhmmad Saiful Islam, Secretary General M. Hasibul Islam, central communications and press secretary Muhammad Shariful Islam, college affairs secretary G.M. Bayezid, Literary and Cultural Affairs Secretary Saif Muhammad Salman, Central Shura Member M.M. Shoaib, Dhaka City South President Muhammed Al-Amin Siddiqui, Dhaka City East Sadharan Sampadok Muhammad Mahdi Hasan, Dhaka City South President Mohammad Delwar Hossain and other city leaders of the Islami Shasantantra Chhatra Andolan were present.