Students Do Not Care About BCL Threat -ISCA

“We don not want to see anyone on the street from tomorrow. The movement is over here.” The message that has been given from the Bangladesh Chhatra League page ( in the title is clearly a ‘terrorist threat’ and unauthorized practice towards children.

Bangladesh is an independent country. Demonstration of Protestation is a citizen’s fundamental rights secured by our constitution. Nobody has given the BCL the right to “see or not” who will protest or stay in the street.

Chhatra League has no participation in any stage of this spontaneous student vibrancy, rather they proved themselves opponent of this agitation. That’s why the BCL’s rights to moral and legal rights to determine when the movement will stop.
Here we want to make it clear that, in the past no student movement has been suppressed by any kind of persecution. Therefore, this inclusive as well as spontaneously vibrancy driven by general student cannot be suppressed anyhow.

We are warning the BCL leaders, “According to the habitual character of the Chhatra League, if they will try to attack on innocuous pupils like Hyena, then they will definitely have to pay high price for their ferocity. We strongly condemn the above message of BCL with disdain. We call upon the new leadership to withdraw the above message and join the movement.