The ‘Safe Road’ movement is the matter of citizen desire with the state
The state will have to resolve it.
Student League’s Barbarism Will Not Be Tolerated Here

-Islami Shasantantra Chhatra Andolan (ISCA)

There is no question over the logicality and accuracy of ongoing student movement for safe road. All of the healthy conscience agree with this demand and citizens take active part in the spontaneous process. It was the duty of the state to implement children’s and citizen’s demands, and to take necessary initiatives implement it visually. Though, honorable ministers have assured to accept the demands of the students, but because of repeated dexterity and wiliness after disintegrating the promise by government officials, students and citizens who are on the road demanding safe road cannot believe in the pledge of minister.

Another big reason for this distrust on ministers’ assurance is that the ringleaders of terrorism and chaos in the transport sector are seen in the meeting with government authority even some of them are yet in cabinet. If the people see that the persons who are supposed to get punishment are roaming around, it is very reasonable to not believe in the assurance of the government.

While, it was the government’s job at this critical time of confidence, taking effective measures that can lead to citizen’s trust and confidence. Surprisingly, the government has chosen to adopt ways of implementing force without doing it. Meanwhile, the government team, especially the BCL, have been put on these children. Like Hyena, they are attacking strikers with rods, bloodshed.

In recognition of the top news media, hundreds of students were injured after beaten up by BSL men, condition from many of whom were serious. In this movement why the BCL has seen playing the role of invader where it was between state and citizen? Why the state has given the opportunity to the invaders? There have been allegations of spreading “rumors” in the incident. Law enforcers came out against the “rumor”. That might be okay.

A question raises before that, why did BCL activists attack on school children? Why did they make young boys bloody? After this violent attack, normally “rumor” was created. Before taking action against “rumors” we are demanding arrest of terrorists who attacked on students in Zigatala aria. The leaders of the government group said that none of their team is attacked. Is the reality so, then where the government barrier to arrest them?”

Today 05/08/2018, the central president of the Islami Shasantantra Chhatra Andolan, Sheikh Fazlul Karim Maruf and the Secretary General said that in a joint press relies.

The leaders also demanded the immediate arrest of the attacking terrorists at different places including Zigatala and Mirpur. At the same time, we are calling upon the government to comply with student’s demand of road safety. We urge the government to perform whatever need to do for bringing back the people reliance. We strongly believe, solution to all the problems is possible by negotiation instead of using force in the negative.