Public university novice reception:

ISCA demands immediate quota reformation with protecting the interests of meritorious and disadvantaged people.


Speaking as the chief guest at the public university novice reception, organized by the ISCA, the central president and meritorious student of Dhaka University, Sheikh Fazlul Karim Maruf said: “The government is deceiving people with university students in reforming discriminatory quota system. After the clear statement of the prime minister in the national parliament, “whole the quota system will be abolished”
The government has left the right path, and on general students, they have been subjected to Pakistani violence. We would like a logical solution to the problem of the quota. If the student community fails to understand the pulse, then the government will have to pay the extreme price.”

Dhaka University’s branch president Omar Faruque Tawhid, sadharan sampadok Saifur Rahman and sadharan sampadok of Jagannath University Al Amin Al Araf spoke in the program. at the IAB auditorium in the chair of the meeting held at in the program held in IAB auditorium in the chairmanship of Central public university affairs secretary and Chittagong University’s student Muhammad Ziaul Haque. The fresher students of Dhaka University, Jagannath University, Jahangirnagar University, BUET, Duet, were made the head of reception.

In the speech of the chair Central Public University secretary urges the students to come forward to pursue constructive politics to uproot discrimination and good governance.

Sheikh Fazlul Karim Maruf said, “on the one hand, merit should be evaluated to build a talent-dependent administration, as well as involvement of minority ethnic minorities of the country. So, there is a need to reform the quota so that both the interests are protected. False tricks and repression will not bring anything good at this.


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